4thR  'new product’ announces The Hindu of Feb 3, 2004 giving details of e-nable, the school board curriculum.
‘E-nabling students to be PC literate’ says News Today of 23 Jan 2004
‘Computer Fun’ – 4thR computer camps for the Pongal break writes The Hindu Young World of Jan 10, 2004
‘Go for the cool camp’ suggests News Today 18 Dec 2003
'4thR computer camps' for the Winter break are written about in ‘Creative pastime’ article in the Hindu Metro Plus 18 Dec 2003.
The Hindu – Nov 20 2003 tells about ‘Personality Development’ workshop that it is planning to conduct
‘4thR-Cogent' : workshop on personality development for young adults’- total details in Purusai Times 20 Nov 2003
'Leapfrog Over The Digital Divide' - Dr. C.T.Chari, CEO, 4thR, Express Educational Options 2003
4thR presents two new school software' - Dainik Bhaskar, Bhopal - 16 April 2003
'Computer for kids' in the Indian Express , 11th April 2003 talks about newly developed Linstar and Winstar.
'Just for little netizens' in the 8th April 2003 issue of News Today gives the details of the summer camps here.
'Camp Ahoy' The Hindu-Young World of April 5, 2003 states ' 4th R 's cool computer camp is the fun way of learning computers. .....and more
Open source software from 4thR The Hindu, March 14, 2003 talks of 4thR's advent into open source and free software and developing computer school curriculum- Winstar and Linstar for classes K to 10.
Open source software goes to schools writes The Statesman, Kolkota of March 6, 2003
School Notes section of the Hindu Young World, Chennai March 1 , 2003 writes about Linux and star office and 4th R's contribution to the options available for Indian schools with Linstar and Winstar.
More kid stuff from 4thR proclaims the article in the NewsToday, Chennai of 9 February 2003 and describes the two new products Winstar and Linstar for schools that are based on open source software.
4thR launches Winter Camp. Article on The Hindu, 23 December 2002.
ICDL ties-up with 4thR – DQ week talks about ICDL-International Computer Driving Licence and it’s tie-up with 4thR
4thR in pact with ICDL – in Indian Express, 30 August 2002
4thR, ICDL in Tie-up – says Financial Express 30 August 2002
India on par with Global IT majors – Director- ICDL, AP Mr. John Chapman in a talk with News Today - Part 1 Part 2
"An institute attempts to offer computer education to those with-out access ", in the The Economic Times - Madras Plus 23rd May 2002.
" With the Certification programme launched by Fourth R, you can procure a degree that will be your license to enter the top companies around the world " - 7th May 2002 - The New Indian Express.
" Summer Camps " 4thR Computer Summer camp 2002 in The Economic Times - Madras Plus, 11th April 2002.
" Bridging the Digital Divide ", Dr.C. T. Chari talks to The Hindu, 29th April 2002, about 4thR Social Thrust programs
The Indian outfit will develop IT Educational Resource Globally, Says " Fourth R India's global Service " in The Hindu, 13th April 2002.
4thR to roll out Indian arm's curriculum globally in The Economic Times, 18th March, 2002.
4thR Targets $100,000 from Curriculum Software with " Made in USA Label " in The Hindu Business Line, 5th March, 2002.
4thR's computer literacy now for social cause - Dr C T Chari, CEO, 4thR talks to the DQ week, 4th - 10th February, 2002, regarding the social thrust programmes of the company.
Mr. Rob McCauley, President and Director Operations -a Profile in Computers Today, February 2002.
Aptech partners 4thR for implementing Computer Curriculum for schools. - The Economic Times, 30th January, 2002.
Promoting computer literacy - Mr. Kumar, Director, 4thR in his talk with the Hindu, Kerala, 12th January, 2002 talks of the company's efforts to bridge the digital divide.
4thR ties with VUE; Virtual University Enterprises (VUE) is a leading testing certification. Chennai Online 13th December, 2001.
Hello moms: 4thR is here to e-train your kids - Chief Executive Officer, Dr. C.T Chari talks with the Business Standard, Calcutta, 9th December 2001 of the importance of computer education for children.
4thR plans expansion into neighboring countries- Express Computers in talk with Mr. Rob McCauley, President and Director Operations, 4thR Inc 10th December, 2001.
4thR Inc is looking at India for courseware development for learning centres worldwide - The Times of India, Bangalore, 12th November 2001.
4thR to tie up with 300 schools- Mr. McCauley talks of the companies future plans in Bangalore, Indian Express, 9th November, 2001.
4thR planning to expand Indian operation, President and Director Operations, 4thR Inc s - Mr. McCauley in conversation with Business Standard, Mumbai.
4thR - Mr. Rob McCauley gets talking about how to get children started on computer education to The Indian Express, 1st November, 2001.
Coming first with 4thR - Mr. Rob McCauley, President and Director Operations, 4thR Inc talks to The Hindu, 1st November, 2001.
4thR to take PC power to underprivileged children-Mr Robert McCauley, , President and Director Operations, 4th R Inc talks about 4th R's efforts to Financial Express, Calcutta, 31st October, 2001.
4thR ties up with US firm - Nivo International for MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) certification- Hindu, 24th October, 2001.
Dr. C T Chari talks with the Hindu about the change and future of 4thR in Chat.
4thR taken over by New Management, reports The Economic Times, Chennai, 4thR September 2001.
4thR partners UNICEF in the 'Global Movement For Children' (GFMC), Hindu, August 2001.